Mental Skills

Do you or your athletes:

  • Get overly anxious before big games?
  • Have trouble staying focused at training or in games?
  • Lack confidence playing dominant competitors?
  • Have trouble getting motivated for games or races against 'easier' competition?
  • Have a self-esteem that is dependent on sporting success?
  • Have trouble with your team culture?

All of these things are topics that sport psychologists and mental skills trainers are involved in working with.  Sport psychology (mental skills training) is the new frontier of modern elite sport and I have been at the forefront of the development of sport psychology and mental skills training in New Zealand.

I consult on all areas of mental skills training including:

  • Assessing/profiling mental strengths and weaknesses
  • Performance profiling and goal achievement strategies
  • Performance anxiety
  • Coping with pressure
  • Career transition issues
  • Coach-athlete communication
  • Coping with injury and returning successfully to top performance
  • Initiating and maintaining exercise behaviours
  • Mental skills such as self-talk, imagery, concentration, and emotional control
  • Team culture and accountability systems
  • Leadership and captaincy development
  • Hypnosis and self-hypnosis
Coaching development

As a coach, do you or have you had any of the following problems or issues:

  • players getting into trouble off the field
  • trouble diagnosing the root causes of poor performance
  • difficulty with programme planning, reacting on a weekly basis to decide what to do at training/practice
  • management team conflict over roles and responsibilities

I have consulted on all these issues and many more in the last 15 years of practice in this area. Coaching sport at an elite level is challenging - team sport coaches are often judged more on the team's win-loss record, than on the quality of their coaching input.

Query Theory. In academic and coaching circles, I am best known for my "Query Theory" model of coaching.  This model promotes the development of self-awareness and athlete responsibility as the heart of effective coaching practice. The model also adopts being a "caring guide to athlete self-knowledge and self-discovery" as its core philosophy.  I specialise in changing core behavioural and mental patterns (which is what most of elite level coaching is all about).

My consulting approach is to come into your environment and listen and learn about you as a coach. After this, we will identify the areas which, if improved, will lead to the most important change and growth.  Then, working with you, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery using the experiences of working with many of New Zealand's top coaches over a sustained period.